F-GD-6, Type F-GD Flange Mounted Sight Glass

Size 6 in
152.4 mm
Inner Diameter (I.D.) 5 3/4 in
146.05 mm
Dimension Q .9375 in
23.82 mm
Dimension Y 1.625 in
41.28 mm
Factory Mutual Approved factory-mutual-approved-and-registered-in-canada
Flange Material ASTM A-105 Stainless Steel
ASTM A-182
Forged Steel
Pressure Rating 100 psig
Operating Temperature 450 ºF
232 ºC
Tolerance ± 0.0025 in
± 1/64 mm
Note F-GD should mount to equal to or smaller I.D. to insure proper gasket seal.

F-GD: Standard ANSI connection low pressure unit 100 psi max.