S-WHS-2-600 ,Type S-WHS Weld-on Sight Glass

Size 2 in
50.8 mm
Outer Diameter (O.D.) 3.625 in
92.08 mm
Inner Diameter (I.D.) 1 13/16 in
46.04 mm
Dimension A 2.5625 in
65.09 mm
Dimension B 3 3/4 in
92.25 mm
Pressure Rating 600 lb
Dimension C 1.375 in
34.93 mm
Dimension D 1.9375 in
49.21 mm
Dimension F 3.5 in
88.9 mm
Body Material 304-L
PVQ Plate / Stainless Steel
Flange Material ASTM A519-1032
Ferrule Material ASTM A106
ASTM A312-304-L
ASTM A312-316-L
Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature 450 ºF
232 ºC
Tolerance ± 0.0025 in
± 1/64 mm
  1. Available with flat or contoured Weld Pad. Inside shell radius as specified.
  2. Ferrule available in Carbon or Stainless Steel.
  3. It is recommended that reinforcement calculations on all ASME code constructed vessels be carefully checked to insure proper reinforcement of the vessel wall.

S-WHS: Weld type head and shell.