About Sight Glasses

A sight glass is used for looking inside a process vessel or pipeline. For many years the Chemical Processing and related industries had only one choice in selecting a sight glass; a single thickness or glass bolted between two flanges in either the form of a round flat piece of glass or tubular cylinder. Many of these types of sight glasses are still in use today.

Today's modern sight glass is much more sophisticated to provide maximum safety under high pressure and temperature operations and a wide thermal shock range. We think it must be also be capable of resisting blow out or rupture.

Cyclops Safety Sight Glasses:

  • Can be installed on new or present equipment for all liquid and vapor service
  • Require no packing or maintenance
  • Are easy to replace
  • Reduce down-time to an absolute minimum
  • Are helium leak tested/very low leakage rates

For Over 60 Years...
Cyclops Industries Inc. of South Charleston, West Virginia has been designing and engineering sight glass, sight flow indicators, spray rings and sight lights, that provide maximum safety in high temperatures, high pressure, corrosive and volatile processing operations. We can also provide a Safety sight glass to replace your existing single lens sight glass.

Cyclops Safety Sight Glasses are tested and approved by Factory Mutual Systems, which annually audits our manufacturing facilities and quality control procedure. Unlike other types of Safety Sight Glasses that use packings and complicated mechanisms to maintain operational integrity, Cyclops Safety Sight Glasses provide the highest integrity. In most applications no packing, compression rings or screws are involved; eliminating costly continuous maintenance. Our patented construction is designed to offer uncomplicated installation and the highest measure of SAFETY.


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