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Flange Mounted Sight Glass

F-SS: Flange mount super sight to standard ANSI connection no wetted metal parts replacement for glass lined ANSI nozzle connection.

Weld-on Sight Glass

W-HS: Weld type head and shell can be radiused to fit shell according to customer specifications.

Obround Sight Glass

COR 443: Obround (3" x 12") sight glass can be used as a level gauge available with spray nozzles or radiused to customer specficiations.

Sight Flow Indicators

F-SC: Flange type sight cross for installation in flanged pipe lines.

Spray Rings and Nozzles

SR-A: Spray ring assembly for cleaning inside of flange type sight glass.

Sight Lights

EVO-2376-F: Fully enclosed explosion proof light for illuminating inside of a vessel with no glass globe. For use with flange type sight glass.